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FreefallNet Softphone for Personal and Business Talk.
Beyond email for free. Talk more and Type less!
FreefallNet’s Softphone account allows you to call friends, family, or any other FreefallNet’s Softphone account member worldwide including Businesses and Cooperation’s for FREE all the time with no commitments.With FreefallNet’s soft phone downloaded and installed on your computer you can make unlimited free calls between all FreefallNet’s members using your internet connection dial up or broadband.There’s no commitment, no credit card needed, and no need to pay for anything unless you decide to upgrade to our cooperate, business or group rate plan.FreefallNet Softphone will also allow you to call landline and mobile phones with our special RATES.Download FreefallNet Softphone here.See questions & answers here voip_phone1
Cooperate entities with national and international branches can save money by having a private “talk Channel” on our network for an unlimited talk time for a flat fee.
Softphone Plan
  • Individual Plan:This is a FREE plan for personal communication between friends and families.
  • Group Plan:This plan has a flat FEE and it is for businesses and groups interested in private Channel communiation across all frontiers.

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