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Start a career in today’s hottest career industries. FreefallNet provides real class room training for staff, supervisors and anybody who desires to upgrade within the professions listed below.
Required Exams Description
FFN-CCE FFN-Certified Computer Engineer
FFN-CGCT FFN-Certified GSM/CDMA Technician
FFN-CLE FFN-Certified Laptop Engineer
FFN-CADD FFN-Certified Draughtsman (AutoCAD/ Revit)
FFN-CVSAT FFN-Certified VSAT Technician
FFN-CDP/G FFN-Certified Certified Desktop Publisher / Graphics
FFN-CVE FFN-Certified Video Editor
FFN-CSE FFN-Certified Sound Engineer
FFN-CNE FFN-Certified Network Engineer
FFN-CPMT FFN-Certified PM Tools Technician (Primavera, Ms Project)
FFN-CAP FFN-Certified Animation Programmer
FFN-CWP FFN-Certified Web Programmer
FFN-CSP FFN-Certified Secretarial Personnel
Others SAT/TOEFL, IGCSE, LGCE, GMAT, GMRE Support classes
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