Wireless Broadbands


Stay connected to the information you need with our VSAT or wireless services.

We offer many solutions for your personal or business needs; connecting through a broadband VSAT or wireless radio solutions. We have the ideal technology for developing, enhancing and extending advanced broadband networks and services – and for making delivery of high-demand technologies (like broadband Internet access, voice over IP, video services, security surveillance and E1/T1 capabilities).

  • Satellite broadband – In some areas, the only option for communications will be by satellite. Thanks to FreefallNet’s always-on satellite connection, your frustrations with dropped connections are over. Instead, you and your employees can gain instant access to high-speed Internet access simultaneously—and at the broadband connection rates your business needs to grow. Sell, buy, learn, and share online—with download speeds of up to 2 Mbps, you call the shots.

  • Fixed Wireless Broadband – In some cases, a fixed-wireless system is the only wireless option. Today fewer than 10 percent of buildings have fiber to them, and only about 50 percent are close enough to a central office (12,000 feet or 3.5 km) to take advantage of DSL technology. Thus in many cases, a wireless connection could be the only option for high-speed communications. This is especially true in more remote areas. Even when hard wire options exist, fixed wireless can still provide lower costs, faster deployment, greater flexibility and better reliability.

Analysis of Demands and Requirements

We thoroughly analyse the customer’s situation and consult him in order to find the best communications solution that meet the customer’s requirements. Our teams present the different possibilities of modern satellite communication to the customer and show how to integrate those into the existent infrastructure. The analysis of de-mands and requirements is the basis of a successful and long-term partnership with the customer.


Network and System Design

On the basis of the analysis of demands and requirements an optimal communication solution tailored to the customer’s individual needs is developed and settled in close cooperation with the customer. The relevant service components like service level agreement, technology, hardware and transmission capacity are worked out in detail .


Provider of Satellite Transmission Capacities

Independent of any satellite providers, FreefallNet is able to choose the satellite that best meets the requirements of the customer. FreefallNet has established strategic relationships with multiple teleport providers and is able to resell capacity on Intelsat, PanAmsat and NSS. FreefallNet takes care of the reservation and renting of satellite capacities on behalf of the customer. FreefallNet also sells bundled services such as internet access over DVB or combination of satellite and fiber capacity to Africa.


Turn-key Installation of Transmission and Receiving Technology

FreefallNet’s Project manager who have many years of experience in the field of satellite services plan the transmission and receiving technology and take over full responsibility for all installations. The installation itself is carried out by one of the FreefallNet’s partners worldwide. FreefallNet guarantees that everything runs smoothly – therefore extensive tests and pre-configurations are made in advance


Example of services provided:

  • Access to teleports
  • Satellite links: SCPC, TDMA, DVB, DAMA
  • Program management
  • Assistance for VSAT tender formulation &evaluation
  • Training
  • Other consulting services: market analysis &business plan