Bulk Text Messaging

Send messages to bulk lists of cell phone numbers anywhere in the world.
Managing the infrastructure and costs associated with dependable and scalable messaging at enterprise level can pose serious challenges. But our bulk text messaging service gives you assured delivery of mission-critical messages across multiple communication channels with the widest coverage in the world: 600 networks in 200 countries for outbound messages, 100 countries for inbound (two-way) messaging – including load balancing and intelligent routing.
  1. Market directly to hundreds or millions of cell phone users anywhere in the world
  2. Enhance the way your business communicates with employees, suppliers and customers
  3. Meet the most exacting standards for alert notification, business continuity and collaboration with mission-critical ‘enterprise’ levels of delivery and accountability
  4. Offer your customers a full range of messaging services
  5. Manage two-way interactive messaging via the web
  6. Great for event or meeting reminders
Text Messaging Any where Made Simple!

1. Save Time Sending text messages from your PC to any mobile phone on the planet.

2. Save Money when you send text messages to 200 countries with one low per-message price

3. Keep in Touch with friends and family when you send text messages to any mobile phone on Earth.

4. Make it Simple by using this platform. Register, Create an account and test it for free before you buy.

Aplustext.com is an easy-to-use text messaging service that enables the sending and receiving of SMS Text Messages using any computer with an internet connection. Once set up, you can send texts from your PC to just about any mobile phone on the planet. (see coverage area here). Start sending text messages today with a free trial account. It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s affordable! Sign up for an account now and try it for free without any obligation.
Reach Your Audience Instantly!
A2ztext is a simple reliable web based messaging solution platform that enables text messaging to individuals, small group, companies or large database of contents with one click.
Instant SMS platform like A2Ztext is the communication choice of many medium size businesses in today’s technological market place.

A2Ztext Platform
Use A2Ztext for your business and marketing needs. A2Ztext is a hosted text messaging platfoarm that allows you to send and receive messages to any cell phone or computer.
Pricing and Coverage
A2Ztext covers all the networks that is currently available on GSM and CDMA both inbound and out bound messages.