The Company

FreefallNet provides business-specific, cutting-edge telecommunication services and products at a reasonable cost. As a privately held, multinational corporation headquartered in Washington, D.C, USA, we also operate in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Beijing, China, and Johannesburg, South Africa. FreefallNet has a diverse and vast source of advanced technology and a strong market base with demands that have yet to be met. It is our mission to provide uncompromising service and expertise in a fast-changing global technology market.
FreefallNet has unbounded access to the cutting-edge telecommunications peripherals and core equipment required to make your business communications more reliable, streamlined, and exceptionally cost-effective. We have established relationships with leading suppliers across every market segment, making it easy to equip your business to exact specifications. Whether you seek prepaid telephony products or video conferencing technology, wherever your business is, we will deliver.
Technologies like satellite wireless Internet access and VoIP are critical telecom components for many emerging businesses. FreefallNet can readily supply IP PBX systems perfect for small businesses, as well as IP Soft-Phones and Follow-Me DID models ideal for small companies in growing markets.
We also offer every sort of LNB, LNA, and satellite LNBF and can supply low-cost BUCs or high-end BUC models depending on your company’s needs. FreefallNet has products for bulk text messaging, wireless radio, and VSAT as well.
FreefallNet’s satellite modems and satellite video components are perfect complements to any firms’ telecom systems. With numerous MMDS and broadband wireless antennas available, FreefallNet can outfit any company, no matter the size, locality or technological profile.
FreefallNet is able to respond to customers’ requirements expeditiously and professionally. Our management and engineering team is composed of highly experienced, multi-disciplinary, dedicated individuals with a wide range of business and technical skills. With experience ranging from private networks to public connectivity over the Internet, from enterprise needs assessment to full-scale network design and implementation; our staff provides the leadership, project management, experience, and innovation to meet any organization’s IT needs.